Axess Ultrasound and Specialized Technologies Join Forces as One

Combined ultrasound service providers fuse resources and strengths to expand market offerings

INDIANAPOLIS (October 3, 2011) - Axess Ultrasound, which provides comprehensive ultrasound services, training, parts and probe management, today announced its alignment with Oklahoma-based Specialized Technologies, pioneers in highly-specialized TEE probe repair. Axess Ultrasound, a leading Independent Service Organization (ISO), has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2005, and Specialized Technologies has earned a reputation as a trusted provider of TEE transducer repair. Together, the two organizations serve approximately 900 customers in 40 states and 11 countries, and their alliance reflects a shared commitment to continued excellence in equipping healthcare providers with high-quality ultrasound images.

"Rarely do we find two organizations that share so much common ground, goals and outlook on emerging market challenges," said William Gulley, executive director of Axess Ultrasound. "As we came to know each other's organizations," he added, "it became clear that our customers could greatly benefit from the integration of our strengths and resources."

Ron Washum, founding partner of Specialized Technologies, shares the sentiment: "We're excited about the opportunities we'll share with Axess Ultrasound. Together, we'll be able to deliver even greater value to our customers and the patients they serve."

Specialized Technologies employees and customers can expect a seamless transition, as operations remain undisturbed at their existing Oklahoma offices. "Our people are our greatest asset," Washum explains. "Our alliance with Axess Ultrasound will bring our employees increased benefits, and we expect job satisfaction will be reflected in the way we treat customers—like family." Gulley agrees: "Likewise, Axess and Specialized customers will experience greater value and a continued commitment to improved patient care now that we're leveraging the capabilities and resources of two very strong ultrasound service providers."

To that end, Axess Ultrasound's affiliation with AH Holdings—a growing conglomerate of healthcare service organizations—will enable the newly integrated companies to invest in increased quality, research and expansion into new service offerings. Similarly, Axess will benefit from Specialized Technologies' niche TEE repair expertise, processes and reputation. "We're thrilled to welcome Specialized Technologies into the family," says Greg Ranger, AH Holdings CEO and founder of Axess Ultrasound. "We've always believed in growing our business through growing relationships," he added. "It's a win-win all around."

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