About Us - Facility Photo Tour

Axess Ultrasound is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Our world-class facility has everything ultrasound under one roof.

Axess Ultrasound operates a 19,000 square foot warehouse for stocked ultrasound parts and probes. Our in-stock approach offers a faster, more reliable method for part replacements. It allows us to provide immediate pricing on available parts and real-time distribution for expedited procurement.

A dedicated training facility is configured to optimize the outcome of each course provided. The classes are taught by OEM-qualified instructors, who obtain additional knowledge through an extensive cross-training process and continual onsite field experience.

Axess Ultrasound’s centralized probe repair center has full evaluation and repair capabilities. Our in-depth quality process identifies, repairs, and tests all probe issues – for a fraction of the price of a new probe. Axess Ultrasound also offers free loaners during probe restorations – evidence of our commitment to support continual patient care.